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Living room
Boxes: 02 person sofa: 0 3 person sofa: 0Armchair: 0 Carpet: 0Chair: 0 Closet: 0Coffee table: 0 Cupboard: 0Desk: 0 Dining table: 0Dressoir: 0 Large Chair: 0Paintings: 0 Plants: 0Secretaire: 0 Side table: 0Small furniture: 0 TV: 0 Bedroom
Boxes: 0Baby bath: 0 Bedside cabinet: 0Box: 0 Chair: 0Conversion: 0 Crib: 0Cupboard 2 doors: 0 Cupboard 3 doors: 0Desk: 0 Double bed: 0Dresser: 0 Dressing table: 0Highchair (baby): 0 Large toys : 0Large wardrobe: 0 Mattress: 0Single bed: 0 Small wardrobe: 0Stereo: 0 TV: 0 Bathroom
Boxes: 0Closet: 0 Dryer: 0Washing machine: 0 The study
Boxes: 0Bookcase: 0 Chair: 0Computer: 0 Desk: 0 Kitchen
Boxes: 0Buffet: 0 Closet: 0Dinette: 0 Dishwasher: 0Freezer: 0 Microwave: 0Oven: 0 Refridgerator: 0Stove: 0 Shed
Boxes: 0Garden tools: 0 Ladder: 0Large bike: 0 Small bike: 0Workbench: 0 Garden
Garden tables: 0Planter: 0 Wood: 0 Attic
Boxes: 0Bed: 0 Camping gear: 0Christmas decorations: 0 Closet: 0Cradle: 0 Other
Other 0.5m3: 0Other 1.0m3: 0
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If you need help with (dis)assembling your goods, we can assist you with a professional handyman.
Skip the stairwell with a moving lift! Relocations that involve climbing several floors by stairs are much less efficient
You can choose from a Full-service move or a budget move where you prepare your move yourself and pack your household goods in a transport-worthy way.
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Thu 28 Dec 2023
0 m3
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  Handyman   Movinglift   Fullservice
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